How to get the best glasses for your movies and TV shows

It’s time to put your glasses in the box for a special occasion.

The Globe and Mail has assembled a list of the best personalised wine glasses for movies and television shows, from classic classics like The Wizard of Oz and The Phantom of the Opera to the more recent blockbusters like the latest Batman film.


The Pint Glass The Pint glasses have been a staple in the cinema for more than a century.

They are the perfect size for the viewing public, making it easy to grab an empty glass.

They’re great for sharing, so make sure you wear your glasses while talking.


The Glass Cube The Cube glasses are perfect for small groups of friends or guests, so it’s a great idea to get a group together for a glass party.

They also make a great souvenir, as the glass holder can be reused to share it. 3.

The Favourite Glass If you have a favourite movie, TV show or TV-series, this is the glass for you.

The glass holder is shaped like the face of a panda, so you can have a great conversation while enjoying the film or show.


The Vase Glass If the Pint or the Cube is too big for your glass, the Vase glass will be the perfect option for your next glass party with friends.

It also doubles as a great novelty, with the glass shaped like a bowl or mug.


The Cask Glass The Cask glass is the perfect glass for an evening out, as it’s shaped like an ice cream scoop.

The holder can also be used to hold an empty wine glass, as you can share a glass or two.


The Gator Glass The Gator glass is a classic.

This glass is designed to hold a single drink, or as a gift for someone special.


The Golden Cask This glass was popularised by the original Gator in the 1930s, and is a great alternative for a simple glass for a film or television show.


The Champagne Glass The Champagne glass has been around for over 100 years, and it’s still used for wine and champagne.

This style of glass is perfect for sharing a glass, with a view to your party.


The Blue-Eyed Glass The Blue-eyed glass has always been popular for weddings and celebrations, so the glass is always the perfect gift for your guests.


The Orange Glass This glass has a more festive look, but it also comes in a range of different styles and colours.


The Purple Glass If your favourite TV show is based on a movie or film, this glass is ideal.

It’s the perfect choice for a romantic dinner or a cocktail reception, so a glass for each couple is perfect.


The Chocolate-Eyelid Glass This colour-changing glass is one of the most iconic and iconic of all glassware, and the Chocolate-eyelid glass is still the favourite for many parties.


The Rose Glass The Rose glass is made from a special chocolate that has been infused with rose petals, and can be used in the making of a glass.


The Mango-Eyewear The Mango eyewear is the ultimate glass for glasses that are just right for you, because it’s made from the perfect combination of chocolate and pineapple.


The Bamboo-Eyepiece Glass The bamboo-eyepiece glass is an ideal gift for friends and family, because the bamboo-eye is the ideal shape for sharing an empty cup of coffee or tea.


The White-Eyebrow Glass This is a glass that will make any occasion special, because this white-eyebrow glass is so popular that it is the favourite glass for most weddings and other special occasions.


The Silver-Eyeshade Glass This silver-eyeshade glass is also the favourite in many weddings, and you can even make a glass of this for yourself if you want to wear it as a birthday present.


The Olive-Eyeglass Glass This olive-eyewear glass is suitable for small gatherings or parties, and its shape can be customized to suit different occasions.


The Black-Eyefold Glass This black-eyeglass glass is another favourite of mine, as I’ve used it in many different occasions, from weddings and parties to special occasions like Christmas.


The Green-Eyemask Glass This green-eyemask glass has the perfect shape for a birthday gift, so there are lots of different ways to use it. 21.

The Cherry-Eyecaster Glass This cherry-eyecaster glass is very popular for celebrations and special occasions, and I love using it for this particular occasion.


The Red-Eyeyebelt Glass This red-eyeyebilt glass is versatile for different occasions: a birthday or a

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