Glass doctor: Glass-free, plastic surgeon removes the plastic surgeon

A new medical treatment called glass doctor uses glass plates to remove plastic from a patient’s body, rather than traditional surgeries that involve using scissors or a scalpel.

The treatment, developed by Swedish medical student Lars Hedman and his team at the University of Gothenburg, works by using the glass plates themselves to absorb the plastic, allowing the patient to get rid of the plastic in a controlled way.

Glass plates have been used in surgery before.

In 2010, Dr Hedman’s team used a technique known as cryo-therapy to remove micro-pores in a patient, but the technology had to be scaled up to remove a larger volume of plastic.

Glass plates were also used to remove the silicone and latex coating on a plastic surgery table, but that process had to take weeks and take away the plastic’s natural adhesive properties, making the technology unsuitable for a medical treatment.

Dr Hedman says the new method of plastic removal is much safer and much less invasive than surgery with scissors or scalpel, which requires the use of a scalper.

The procedure uses a device called a cryo pump, which consists of a liquid that is injected into the patient’s veins.

The device is attached to the glass plate by a plastic tubing.

The plastic plate then slides back into the vein and is slowly removed with the help of a specially designed, stainless steel bar that has been designed to hold the glass.

The technique is safe and effective, says Dr Hedmen, and his group is planning to roll out the treatment in the US and Europe, in the coming months.

“It’s not a new technology, but it’s a new approach to plastic removal.

I think it’s one that can be applied in many different situations, and I think people will be surprised,” he says.

Dr John Lees, a plastic surgeon at the Australian Medical Association’s Plastic Surgery Australia, says there is little evidence that the procedure is safe for the treatment of any type of surgery.

“There’s not enough evidence to say that it’s safe for any particular type of plastic surgery, particularly with such a small volume of surgery,” he said.

“So I’m not sure if it would be appropriate in a particular patient.”

Dr Hedmans team are now trying to build on the success of the cryo surgery, and are also working on a technique to remove small pieces of plastic from patients’ bodies with a scalp.

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