‘Lemon-based’ beer and cocktails: Why you should drink craft beer and wine

The best craft beer in the world?

It’s not easy to say, but in a world of overpriced, flavourless, high-alcohol, calorie-dense foods and sugary drinks, why not make your own?

The answer is simple: craft beer.

If you’re going to do it, make it with fresh ingredients and a little creativity.

Here are six reasons why you should consider making your own craft beer or wine.


You can brew your own beer There are a lot of great craft beers on the market these days.

But if you want to create your own, here’s what you need to know.


It’s all about making it yourself, no matter what The simple truth is that if you’ve never made your own beverage before, there’s no need to start now.

Craft beer is easy to make, it’s cheap and you can do it all yourself.

The best part is that it doesn’t take any training at all.

There are no degrees or degrees of expertise needed to get started.

There’s just a little bit of time and patience.

Here’s how it works.

You need a starter kit: A bottle of beer, usually a 750ml bottle, with a lid or a cap.

A plastic cup with a spout, or a glass jug with a stopper.

An empty beer glass.

A small amount of water.

A glass bottle.

An aluminium or steel bottle.

Some basic kitchen tools and a bowl to clean up.

A little bit about brewing beer The beer should be bubbly, with foam bubbles around it.

You don’t want to pour the beer into a colander, but rather pour it into a glass.

That’s why you need a kettle, or an ice bucket.

A stainless steel or copper bowl is best.

Some people like to boil their own beer in a saucepan, but this is not an ideal option.

The only other option is to boil it in a pot.

If that’s not an option, you can use a sauce pan.

A good idea to use a stainless steel pot, but if you can’t find one, a glass or plastic bottle.

If the beer is still too bubbly and it’s starting to foam, you’re in luck.

Brew the beer: If you don’t have a beer maker, you should use a sparging device, like a wooden spoon.

This is an easy way to add flavour to your beer, or add colour and colour to the drink.

You also need a bowl or colander.

You’ll need to find a glass bottle to pour your beer into.

You should also have a bucket to clean your hands afterwards.

The most important thing is to be very gentle, so the beer doesn’t boil too quickly.

The beer will need time to chill.

If it’s not completely cool, the beer will probably become too acidic, so you can rinse it off with cold water or vinegar to remove any flavour.

If there’s still too much flavour left in the beer, you’ll need more alcohol to bring it back down to its original taste.

Brew with your hands: If the brew kettle isn’t long enough to make the brew, you may need to make your beer in your hands instead.

If this is the case, it may be a good idea just to brew in the same pot that you used to make it, with the lid off.

A lid makes it easier to control the heat, and is a good option if you don and don’t like a plastic bowl or a stainless or steel bowl.

Some brewers like to use their hand for this, or use a metal spigot to make a whisk.

A spigomot works well for brewing sake.

You will also need some glassware.

The bowl and spigos will need to be small enough to fit into the pot.

You might also want to consider using a spigode to make whisking a whisk into a beer.

It works well with sake.

Use a glass bowl, or plastic spigota.

It will also be a great way to pour a glass of wine into your beer.

A large glass jug or a wooden spigo works well.

A jug is the most efficient way to do this.


You won’t get drunk on your craft beer If you are a regular beer drinker, you’ve probably heard that you don “need to drink craft” if you’re making your craft beverage.

But it turns out there’s actually quite a bit more to craft beer than that.

This might sound a bit crazy, but there are many reasons why people don’t drink craft.

For one thing, the majority of people think that craft beer is the worst beer on the planet.

They don’t really understand what makes craft beer special, and how it’s made.

You’ve probably been warned about craft beer, but the real problem is that the industry is still a lot bigger than it needs to be. And you’ve

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