3,500 students protest at school over glass art

A glass art classroom in the Bronx is being occupied by students who say it is offensive to Native Americans and other communities.

The protesters are calling for a day of protest to protest the “disgraceful” treatment of the students at Bronx Elementary School, a New York City public school.

In a video posted on social media, one protester says the students in the class have to sit in a bucket, so that students will be exposed to the glass.

He says the class has become “a joke.”

“If you go to the school and see that they’re using this kind of material, it’s a disgrace to the Native American community,” said the protester, who asked that his name not be used.

“This is a way of mocking Native American culture,” he said.

Another protester says that the students’ work is disrespectful and offensive.

“It’s not only disrespectful to Native American people, it is also disrespectful to the students who are working there,” said protester Tarek P. Garey.

“They are making art to represent their culture, their traditions, and the way that we live here,” he added.

One student, who said she has been in the classroom for nearly two years, said she believes the school’s treatment of Native Americans is disrespectful.

“There’s a huge amount of disrespect for the students and it’s not because they are from a different culture.

They are being taught a certain way, and that is disrespectful,” said a student who identified herself only as Nona.”

When we are in school, we’re not allowed to have our faces seen, we are not allowed, it goes on for a long time,” said Nona, who added that she was not surprised to see the students holding up a sign with the word “N” and “P” emblazoned across it.”

I think the school is just trying to put us on a pedestal and show us how good we are and show that we are the best in the world,” said student M.E.B. “The school is not teaching us how to be good people.””

They have no respect for Native American cultures.

I don’t think they even know what an Indian is.

They only know that we’re white,” added student L.G.A. “We don’t know who they are, they don’t respect us.

It’s just not OK,” said M.M.B., another student who did not want to give her name.

Some of the protesters say they feel that the school has a “negative connotation” toward Native Americans.

One of the teachers, who identified himself as M.J. in the video, said he has never seen a Native American before and does not want students to feel that way.

He said that he is proud of his Native American students, and they are not ashamed to be Native Americans, but that he has a message for the teachers: “Don’t be afraid to speak up and make it known that you’re proud to be Indian.

And that you respect all the cultures and that you care about people.”

The Bronx Elementary school declined to comment to ABC News on the matter.

The students’ school district said in a statement that it is “deeply saddened by the incident” and that it takes “immediate action” to ensure the safety of students and staff.

“We are committed to working with our community partners to address this matter as quickly as possible,” the statement said.

“This is not the first incident of this nature at the school, and it will not be the last.

We want to be clear that we take this incident seriously and are committed in our work to build and maintain strong and safe relationships with our students, faculty, staff and visitors.

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