Why is Prada wearing glasses at the Sochi Olympics?

The world’s largest fashion house Prada, a brand known for its designer collaborations with the likes of Michael Kors, has teamed up with Nike and Adidas to make a pair of custom-fitted sunglasses for the Winter Games.

The Prada glasses, which have been designed to give the athletes a unique look during the games, were created for the Sochi Games and will be worn by the men and women who compete in the games.

Prada said the glasses were created with a combination of new technologies and materials to create a stylish look for the games in Sochi, which are expected to attract a record number of spectators.

The glasses were originally designed to be worn in conjunction with a Nike shoe, and will have a similar design to the Nike shoes that athletes will wear in the Winter Olympics.

Prada said its design will also work with Adidas shoes for those athletes who don’t wear Nike shoes during the Olympics.

Prada will be using Nike’s new “M” design and “G” design for the glasses, and the company is hoping the glasses will help attract a crowd of athletes.

“The idea of these glasses was to be unique and to offer something new and different,” Prada President and CEO, Richard Bojes, said in a statement.

“The technology is simple and has an impact on the athlete, the fans and the world.”

The glasses will be available in the United States beginning March 1, while in Europe, they will go on sale to retailers in June.

The glasses feature a black face plate, a new design that combines a pair the company calls the “S,” which is a design for a pair with an integrated earpiece, with a black rim and a matching eye cap.

They are designed to blend in with the Olympic gear and will retail for $250.

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