When is non prescription glasses legal?

It’s unclear when non prescription eyewear would be legal in Florida.

But a recent lawsuit filed in Miami against two companies claiming to sell non prescription sunglasses to the public was just the beginning.

The lawsuit claims that the companies, Shoei and Koss, “knowingly sell and advertise” prescription sunglasses and offer them as a means of circumventing Florida’s $600-per-year mandatory fine for driving under the influence.

The companies also allegedly charge a fee for shipping glasses overseas, and then resell them.

According to the suit, Shuei is in the process of launching a distribution network of at least 5,000 sunglasses to pharmacies in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and Texas, but only a handful of the glasses are prescription.

Koss is also in the works, according to the lawsuit.

The company allegedly sells “several hundred pairs of prescription sunglasses for $150 each” to Florida pharmacies and retailers.

Shoei also allegedly makes a list of “100” prescription glasses that it sells, and claims to sell them for $200 a pair, which are advertised on its website.

The suit alleges that those are not prescription glasses at all.

“They do not contain the correct prescription glasses,” the suit says.

“They are fake glasses, made with fake lenses.”

The lawsuit also claims that Koss and Shoeid make no attempt to verify the prescription lenses on the glasses, and that the glasses that they make are not labeled as prescription, but instead as “unbranded” eyewears.

The two companies deny any wrongdoing.

Shuei said in a statement to CNBC that the lawsuit is “absurd.”

“The law requires prescription sunglasses, not non-prescription sunglasses, so we are surprised that any manufacturer would attempt to skirt the law by making their products to circumvent the law,” the company said.

“As the industry has proven, this is not a problem that is exclusive to prescription eyeglasses.”

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