What does the moon look like to the naked eye?

A new study suggests we’re looking at the same surface that humans see, but our eyes are not focused on it at all.

The study, published Monday in Science Advances, found that even the surface of the moon appears flat in our vision.

The researchers used images of the Moon taken by NASA’s Moon Exploration Telescope and NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft, along with images of lunar rocks and ice taken by other NASA spacecraft, to look at what the Moon’s surface looked like when viewed through the eyes of an average human.

The results were unexpected, and suggested that human eyes are more focused on the surface when we’re on it.

The team looked at a wide range of surface features, from dust storms to lunar craters, and used an algorithm that measures how much the surface appears flat and how bright it is.

The algorithm uses data from three NASA spacecrafts, one of which is currently in orbit around the Moon, to determine if the surface is flat or not.

The moon is not flat, the researchers found, but the way it’s viewed through human eyes is a reflection of the Earth.

That is, when viewed from the Earth’s side of the planet, the Moon appears flat.

It’s not because the Moon is a sphere or a cube, but because it appears to be the same distance from Earth as it is from the Moon.

If the surface were not flat it would not appear the same as it does on Earth.

This is a good example of the effect of perspective, said lead author Jia Zhang of the University of Texas, Austin.

Perspective is a key feature in astronomy because it allows us to understand what the sky looks like in a given time frame, Zhang said.

“What you see in the sky doesn’t look the same whether it’s from the right or the left or the right side,” he said.

In other words, what you see from the left may be different from what you get from the top, or from the middle, or the bottom.

“If the Moon were not spherical, and if it were not a sphere, the way that we see it from Earth would not be the way we see the Moon,” he added.

The paper’s findings, which include a number of other new observations of the surface and some new observations from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Surface Imager, could help scientists better understand the Moon and other moons in our solar system.

“We’re seeing things that we couldn’t see from Earth, but we couldn

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