How to Make a ‘Nikki Glasser’ – A Personalized Wine Glasser

It is one of those things that you just don’t know when you walk in the room, but the time you spend talking to a glass maker really does pay off.

We know that glass maker Nikki Glasser is a passionate and talented woman and her craftsmanship is a testament to the passion and dedication that she has to craft great products for her customers. 

She is a woman that we would like to know more about, so we reached out to Nikki and asked her to give us a peek behind the scenes of her company.

Nikki tells us that she’s been working on her glass making for a few years and she has a background in glass art, so it wasn’t until one day when she was working on an art project that she discovered a project called “Nikki’s Glasser”.

Nikki says that it was a fun project, and she was inspired by a lot of the glass art that she saw around her. 

“My inspiration was the glass from my favorite glass maker, and it just seemed like a perfect fit for a wine glass, and I thought that it would be fun to make something just like that,” Nikki says.

“I wanted to make a glass that would reflect the light that it reflected and not just the glass itself.”

So, after a lot research, Nikki came up with the idea for her “Nikidnik” glass, a custom glass designed to reflect light that would show up when you pour wine into the glass.

The first glass was created using acrylic and was done with a couple of different types of glass, but Nikki says they came up on a pretty good compromise that worked well for her project. 

The glass is a ceramic model, but it was all custom. 

Nikki says that they wanted to go with something that reflected the light, not the glass, so she opted to make it with the ceramic material, which is a more durable material. 

Niko says that she got inspiration for her glass from her own mother and her grandmother, both of whom were glass artists. 

 “They both were artists and they both were passionate about glass, which I think is something that is important to consider when you’re a glassmaker, because it’s really important to make beautiful, personal art,” Nikki explains.

“My mother and grandmother, they would create a glass for themselves, they were passionate artists, and so I wanted to be like them and be able to share that with others.

I wanted a glass to show that I’m proud of my work and that I can be an artist and share it with others.”

Nikki told us that her father is a glass artist, too, and that she started making her glass with him when she started her career. 

Her grandmother, on the other hand, was an artist, but she wanted her glass to reflect her grandmother’s passion for glass. 

So, Nikki decided to create her glass by hand.

She says that when she got to make the first glass, she was very nervous. 

In the beginning, Nikki says she felt nervous because she was still learning the craft of glass making, but when she poured the first sip, the first thing that she noticed was that it lit up. 

Then, she realized that it wasn`t the same light that was coming through the glass that was illuminating the wine, it was the light coming from the glass as it poured into the wine. 

While Nikki is quite experienced in glass making and she says that her grandmother and grandfather taught her the basics of glass art back in the day, Nikki also says that the art of glass is something she takes very seriously. 


I think that there are a lot more artisans that are involved in the making of glass than there are in the manufacturing of glass,” Nikki told us.

“And glass is one that is quite a unique art that is very much something that takes a lot to be learned and a lot, a lot is learning how to make glass in the first place.

I think there are so many different ways that you can make a beautiful, personalized glass that I think it’s important to pay attention to how you create your glass.”

Nikiki tells us she’s looking forward to sharing more about the glass making process and how she uses acrylic to make her glass, as well as how she plans on getting her custom glass made to her personal specifications. 

What are your thoughts on glass making?

Tell us in the comments section below!

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