How to hide a $200,000 bottle of champagne in a $300,000 glass container

The best thing about champagne is that it’s so easy to hide.

And if you want to make sure that your bottle of bubbly is still sparkling when you need it most, there’s an easy way to do that.

You don’t need a special glass container, just a regular bottle of cheap champagne.

But when you want a glass bottle with the best of both worlds, there are a few tricks to making it even better.

First, it’s easier to hide in a regular glass bottle than a champagne bottle.

Second, you don’t have to worry about the champagne bottle going bad.

And third, there aren’t many restrictions on what can be put in the glass bottle.

Here’s how to hide an expensive champagne bottle in a champagne glass container.1.

Use a fancy glass container for hiding diamonds The most obvious way to hide diamonds in your champagne glass containers is to use a fancy wine glass container or even a fancy gold wine glass.

But there are many other ways to hide gems in champagne glass.

For example, you could put a ring on the inside of your champagne bottle to make it look like a diamond.

But you can also make it so the champagne glass will leak out.

Or you could even put a bracelet on the glass container so it looks like a necklace.

But, since diamonds are fragile, you’ll probably have to use more than one method to hide them.1) Use a champagne box The easiest way to make your champagne container look like it’s a diamond is to put a diamond on the top and bottom of the glass.

The diamond will keep the champagne in its proper place, but the champagne will spill out if it’s dropped or damaged.

If you can’t afford to buy a diamond, the best thing to do is use a regular champagne bottle, a regular gold wine bottle, or a champagne tube.2.

Use champagne bottles that are too expensive to store in the refrigeratorFor those of you who want to save money and keep your champagne bottles as simple as possible, there is another way to use champagne bottles.

The champagne bottles you buy at the liquor store usually come with a plastic lid.

The lid lets you store champagne bottles in a glass container with a small opening.

But a champagne container can be a bit bulky and expensive, so you can buy a champagne refill or make your own bottle of bottle.3.

Buy a bottle of wine glassInstead of purchasing a champagne fill, buy a bottle that is made of wineglass, glass, or even bronze.

The wineglass can be used for hiding jewelry, jewelry-style necklaces, or jewelry-type earrings.

You can also use the bronze bottle for hiding other small items such as a watch or a necklace, or to make a smaller glass bottle for storing other items.4.

Use glass bottles to store jewelryA wine glass can also be used to store a small amount of jewelry.

Just fill it with champagne and place it in a bottle.

The bottle is designed to fit into a wine glass, so it won’t leak out when you drop it or it gets damaged.5.

Make a wine bottle to hide your car keysThe easiest way you can hide a car key in a wine container is to make one for yourself.

Use the bottle to conceal the keys, which you can then use to lock your car.

Once you’ve locked your car, you can safely remove the keys.6.

Use bottles to hide jewelry, earrings, earphonesThe bottle can also hide earrings and earphones, or other jewelry that is more expensive than champagne.

You’ll need to make several bottles, depending on what you need to hide and how you want it to look.

For example, if you need a champagne-style bottle to store your favorite earrings like earrings that come in gold or silver, you might use a gold wine or platinum bottle.

If your favorite gold earrings are made of gold, you may use a silver bottle.

You might also use a champagne or champagne-type bottle to keep jewelry, such as earrings or earphones.7.

Make jewelry with diamonds and jewels in your containerFor those who want their jewelry to look more polished and expensive than their regular champagne bottles, there may be a trick to hiding your diamonds in a diamond bottle.

Just like diamonds are expensive, diamonds can be expensive and fragile, so a diamond-shaped bottle might be best for hiding them.

Here are a couple of tricks to hide the diamonds in an inexpensive champagne bottle:1.

Buy diamond-sized bottles that fit inside your wine bottleGlass bottles are a great way to keep diamonds out of the bottle.

They’re also great for storing jewelry.

A regular champagne glass can fit one to three diamonds, and you can use a bottle like this to hide jewels, earring rings, or earrings from the inside.2 and 3.

Use silver bottles to keep jewels in placeGlass bottles also work well for keeping jewelry from

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