Fenton glasses made in China cost about $15,000

A $15-million company in China made its first Pit Viper glasses that cost less than $15 million, making them the most expensive in the world, according to a recent report by The Washington Post.

The glasses are a direct result of Fenton Glass, a company founded by former New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.

In 2013, Rodriguez bought the company for $1 billion and is now the chief executive officer.

The Pit Viper was originally meant to be a $20-million investment, but the glasses have made it to market for $25 million.

The company made a few changes, such as changing the design of the glasses to reflect a darker hue, and replacing the lenses with glass that absorbs ultraviolet light, the Post reported.

It is unclear what the impact of the company’s decision will be on the company.

A spokesman for Fenton told The Post that he could not confirm the company has decided to make Pit Viper sunglasses.

“We have always been focused on quality and innovation, and are confident we will deliver a quality product that is a better alternative to sunglasses that are not made in the U.S.,” he said in a statement.

Fenton is not the only company that has tried to sell glasses made outside of the U and in China.

Companies like Kmart, Target and Home Depot have also tried to compete with the sunglasses made in their countries.

In April, a Fenton executive told reporters that he wanted to be the first to bring Pit Viper to the U., saying that the glasses would be “the first and only products in the market in the next five years.”

The Pit Vipers, which are made from a special polymer called PTC-9, are made of glass, titanium dioxide and a polymer called polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).

The glasses contain three lenses and are priced at $40,000.

Fenton’s glasses are the first commercially available glasses made overseas and are the largest sunglasses made outside the U, the company said.

FENTON’S PTC GLASS SHOES The PitViper glasses cost about 10 times less than comparable U.s. glasses.

The sunglasses were designed and made in Shenzhen, China, according the company website.

Fence glass for Pit Viper made in Fenton, China.

The glass in FENTONS PitVipers lenses is made from PTC polyethylene.

Fenty is the world’s largest maker of sunglasses, with about 4 million pairs of glasses sold globally.

The Fenty Pit Viper Glass is the second-most expensive sunglasses made and is available in both black and white, the same color as the Pit Viper.

FENTSON GLASSES FOR PIT VIPERS The Pitvipers lenses are made with PTC polymer glass, which is an extremely high-tech material, said Fenty CEO Scott Siegel.

The plastic is an exceptionally durable material, making it very strong.

The lenses are also made of an exotic, unique material called polypropylene, which can withstand extreme temperatures, and the lenses can even withstand the rigors of a hurricane.

Fentsons Pit Viper lenses are the highest quality in the industry, and Fenty’s lenses are among the most versatile.

They can be used for a variety of applications, including sports, business and personal use, the website said.

It was the first glasses made from an entirely new material, according Siegel, who added that the company is working on a new material to make lenses that are even higher quality.

FENCE GLASS FOR PITCHERS The lenses in Fenty Pitch Viper glasses are made in Japan.

Pitch Viper is a type of ceramic that is often used for baseball bats, including Fentys pitch viper sunglasses.

The pitch vipers lenses can be tinted to make them match the pitch.

Pitch Vipers are the only sunglasses that can be seen through a clear filter and are not affected by UV rays, according a statement from Fenty.

PitchVipers glasses are available in a range of colors, including a yellow shade, black, blue, purple, green and orange, the statement said.

Pitch viper lenses are manufactured in Japan, according Fenty, which makes the lenses at a factory in Tokyo.

Pitchvipers glasses, which cost about 4 times less, are available for about $20.

FEDERAL TAX REVENUES FROM PITCH VIPER GLASSS For its Pit Viper line of sunglasses and Pit Viper hoodies, Fenty has filed for a tax deduction of $25,000 per pair, according its website.

That is almost double the tax rate on the same sunglasses for which Fenty sells pitch vipers, according TOKYO TIMES.

FONTAN FENTO’S GLASS GLASSSHOES FOR FENTOS PITCH PIGS In 2013 Fenty bought the Pit Viper glasses from Kmart for $3.5 billion.

Fentedon also began

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